11: Benzokai!, Jeff T Byrd

23.11.2017  ///

Hard and boomy, that’s the sound of Benzokai, hip-hop experimentalist and ambient artist from Tallinn. Unsettling and gloomy are the lyrics of Benzokai – they’ll have hard time fulfilling the hopes of the intellectual party-goers. Here’s why: “Proper bass makes girls go wild Proper girls make boys go hard World needs fixin’ – this I know – Buyin’ stuff is what I do!” Benzokai’s way is that of drum, bass, and unfriendly rapping.





Jeff T Byrd is a musician from New Orleans currently living in Vienna. His debut solo release „Lamb Alley“ was compiled from sounds collected in and around his apartment, mainly a creaky old piano, but also: footsteps echoing in the stairwell, the cries of a baby infiltrating the room through an open window and the hum of a washing machine emanating from the kitchen. In the improvised live performance, he mangles and rearranges the source recordings using a pair of cassette recorders and plays Kinderklavier.